October 19, 2022

Meet Oklahoma's Newest Pet Grooming Salon: Pawlush


Hello, dog moms, dog dads, dog lovers, and wild-haired pet owners! My name is Nikki and I'm the founder of a new Oklahoma-based Grooming salon: Pawlush! It’s been my life’s dream to be here with your pets and now it’s fur real!

Meet Oklahoma's Newest Pet Grooming Salon: Pawlush

A Passion for Pets

Have you ever felt that spark of inspiration in a hobby or life-long passion? It happened to 17-year-old me, when I got my first job working for Pets and People, back in 2001. There I explored what it meant to bring compassion to all living creatures, and how I could use my skills to help others. Together with my best friend not only helped pets but drove around the country to find the right homes.

It was during that job that I was asked to help this incredibly small but scared pup. This dog's fur was completely matted into a pelt, and couldn't find a home until someone cleaned her up. I'm going to be completely honest with you: I was terrified, but went to town with some clippers in my hand, determined to help this dog find some dignity.  This poor thing needed a professional groomer, and that wasn't me yet -- but this moment forever defined who I am.

15 Years of Grooming

The very next year I started working at a big-box grooming salon, attended their short 4-week grooming academy, and through passion and will: became that grooming professional that little pup needed a year before. Through these experiences, I've helped tens of thousands of dogs, cats, and their owners with grooming, bathing, and styling. As a later promoted Salon leader, I ensured our salon worked with local non-profits to continue a lifelong passion for helping pets.

Time for Pawlush

After having my second child, I had a reality check on how limiting my big-box salon was to my family life and other parent groomers that worked with me. Combined with years of creativity limitations and corporate policy: it became obvious I needed to start my own salon.

Dignity for All

As a certifiable master groomer and stylist, I knew that I could build a business that took pride in being the best for the pets, their owners, and also the stylist that takes care of them. I wanted to create a salon where we were all treated with dignity and respect. A place where hard-working stylists could flourish, even if they are parents of small children.

Come and join me on this journey. Let's get some tails waggin'.