Frequently asked questions

What if my pet is matted?

Mats very and can be potentially harmful for your sweet pup. Please talk with our grooming specialist about possible options.

Can I walk in for any services?

Yes. We can do nails, ear cleaning, gland expression, teeth brushing and general all over brushing for quick maintenance care.

Can I bring my own shampoo?

Yes of course! although our top-rated product line is designed to promote a healthy coat and skin. If your veterinarian has prescribed or suggested an alternate shampoo rather than our product line, we will gladly use it. Please note, many prescribed shampoos / conditioners require 5-10 minutes of contact time. If this is the case, our bather will stay with your dog and gently massage the product into their coat and skin. An additional fee may be added.

Do you provide flea and tick treatment?

Yes, as an add-on package. We are happy to help your furry friend be flea free with flea & tick shampoo as well as a 30 day spot on preventative treatment.

Can my dog have calming supplements?

Absolutely! Just let your groomer know if your pet is anxious or stressed for a better understanding of your pets needs.

Can my dog be sedated for grooming?

No. We are not yet vet certified to monitor any sedated pets. Please see your vet if sedation is needed.

Does my pet need vaccinations to be groomed?

Pawlush requires all pets to have proof of current rabies shot with a 1 year or 3 year from a certified vet. Pets under the age of 4 months are exempt as they cannot receive the vaccine yet.

How often do nails need trimming?

Ideally, dogs get trimmed every two weeks. This is a walk-in service please feel free to come at your convenience.

How often should I get my dog groomed?

- Every 4 weeks for longer coats.

- Every 6 weeks for smooth or wire coats.

- Every 8 weeks for double coats, and every 4 weeks for bath.

How old should my puppy be before he gets his first groom?

8 weeks with at least one set of puppy vaccinations.